About Our CPA Firm

About our CPA firm in Marin County

Bridgewater Certified Public Accountants, Inc. was formed in 2001 by Ryan and Sheri Neuman. Bridgewater CPAs specializes in tax planning and preparation for businesses and individuals, as well as accounting and financial statement compilation and reviews.  Ryan and Sheri also offer a Trusted Advisor Program, which includes virtual CFO and wealth management services.  The firm provides assistance for financial services companies, technology manufacturers, real estate developers, publishers, and consumer product manufacturers and distributors.

Our CPA & Accounting Firm

As a nationally-recognized accounting firm, setting the industry standard, Bridgewater Certified Public Accountants, Inc. best supports our clients with the profession's most advanced technologies, ensuring your experience is convenient, cost-effective and client-focused.  Today's fast-paced, information-driven society demands that we be at our best.  That means providing you with unlimited, secure access to your financia data whenvever and wherever you need it.  Our goal is to bring you solutions that are efficient, productive and focused on your success - always backed by leading technology.  At Bridgewater, we're moing forward all the time with your best interests in mind, continually providing technology and leadership and best-in-class service.

A Helpful Ally in the Success of Your Business

At Bridgewater, we work with small and medium business clients in a multitude of industries. Our experience and skills allow us to tailor our services specifically to your needs. For some businesses, that means monthly bookkeeping and payroll processing. For others, it means regular advice and direction along with annual filings. We base our fees on the value you receive, not the ticking of the clock, to give you the most effective service. You never have to be afraid to pick up the telephone and call us with questions. We're here to help you in operating and growing your business.

As a small or medium sized business owner, there are many demands on your time. You must understand marketing, sales, administration, technology, and customer service. Your business must also deal with income and sales taxes, as well as payroll, and other governmental reporting. Aligning yourself with a trusted CPA gives you the knowledge you need, as well as the advice you may not have known you needed.

Three Important Things a CPA Can Do for You

Successful businesses know that partnering with experienced professionals is the best way to ensure future success. But how do you know which CPA is the right fit for you? Your business is best served by a San Rafael CPA that can do three important things:

  1. Advise you on tax, management, and strategic issues from a position of experience with businesses just like yours.
  2. Help you predict future challenges based on your historical financial reporting.
  3. Communicate with you in plain, easy-to-understand language.

At Bridgewater, these are three of our core philosophies.

But you shouldn't just take our word for it. Call us today for a no-charge, no-obligation initial consultation. Tell us about your business and the challenges you are facing, and we can explain how we can help.

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