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Real Estate and Consulting Services

Real Estate and Mortgage Consulting Services 

1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges Services

At Bridgewater we understand the decision to buy or sell real estate property can be a complicated decision. Should you purchase or sell? Did you know that if not properly handled, hidden transactional expenses and taxation can eat away your expected profits.

Bridgewater is uniquely positioned to provide Real Estate and Mortgage consulting services from a CPA’s perspective, a benefit which has proved invaluable to our clients over the years. With almost 2 Decades of Real Estate Transactional experience Bridgewater is the expert you have been looking for.

Bridgewater can advise on a number of Real Estate related topics:

  • Consulting on acquiring Real Estate or on the Disposition of Real Estate.
  • We consult on Convenitonal and Unconventional sales including installment sales.
  • Advice on which type of entity you should choose for property ownership. Whether it should be held in a trust or not. Should you put the asset into a LLC or Family Trust. Bridgewater is uniquely qualified to answer these types of questions from a tax liability point of view.
  • Real Estate transaction consulting including due diligence before and consultation during negotiations.
  • Mortgage consulting, should you extend your term 30 years or Lock into a 15 or 10 year Fixed mortgage. What are the Pros and Cons as it relates to your tax planning model. Evaluating financing strategies. Conventional vs. government financing or private funding source decisions.
  • Investment and portfolio analysis. – Are you over or under holding Real Estate in your Portfolio. Real Estate is traditionally not easily liquid when compared to ownership in the Stock Market. Liquidity Consultation. Call to discuss market trends.
  • Structuring tax deferred exchanges for investment properties (IRC Sec. 1031 exchanges). How this impacts your decision regarding long term hold vs. short term ownership of property.
  • Preparing cash flow projections and evaluating return on investment. Is Real Estate appreciation what you are seeking or is cash flow the goal?
  • Assisting with debt restructuring on troubled debt situations, or to simply improve cash flow.
  • Implementation of strategies to maximize real estate deductions and take advantage of passive activity losses. There has been significant changes in tax codes, updated tax laws have significantly changed the way investment property has been used for the last 50 Years. New laws limit your tax deduction on investment properties if you make over $100,000 in Adjusted Gross Income. If this is you call to discuss how the changes will impact your tax preparation.
  • Real Estate is not what it used to be, call today to discuss the Pro’s and Con’s.

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